An Introduction To Thomas Jefferson Education

Presented by: Kyle Roberts

What is A Thomas Jefferson Education? Well, it’s not an education where you learn all about Thomas Jefferson, but it is a model of education based on the same kind of education he received. It will help you have wisdom, intelligence, understanding, depth, influence, and overall genius as Thomas Jefferson did. Bro Roberts introduces TJEd, how it works and what it can mean for you.


Kyle Roberts is a student at George Wythe College and has been involved with the Face to Face with Greatness Seminars. He is the Vice President and Marketing Director of Personal Ponderings L.L.C., a family business he helped build over the last couple years.
Kyle is also the co-founder of the Founder’s Commonwealth School in Payson, Utah. He taught there for a year before returning to George Wythe College to finish his undergraduate schooling. For the last four years Kyle has been extensively involved in running simulations for various organizations in Utah. He has mentored hundreds of youth in the process of becoming and implementing true principles in every day life. He enjoys using the gifts and talents he has been given to help others grow. Kyle currently lives in Cedar City, Utah, is married to the former Kimberly Wright, and has one, very energetic, one year old boy.

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