Allowing Your Kids to Choose Their Own Adventure

Presented by: Barbara Ritter

Agency is a core principle of the gospel. Our Father in Heaven gives it to all of us…even to our children. You used your agency to become who you are today. How do we develop the faith to allow our children to really use their agency in their lives? We don’t allow a two year old to decide to play in the street, but at some point you do, as a parent, give more and more decisions over to your children and youth. Which decision? When? How do you still that fear in your heart that *this* decision they make will ruin their lives, and you will be responsible? Let’s explore that together.


Barbara Ritter and her husband Len have been on the parenting journey since 1977 and the homeschooling track since 1989. Many methods of homeschooling and many ups and downs have come her way since that time. At present, only one of the Ritter’s seven children is still living at home, which makes things very different. Len’s military career has made for many cross-country moves and many interesting experiences. Homeschooling has been a wonderful journey, with a steep (and constant) learning curve. Barbara says: “By the time our youngest graduates, we may have it figured out!”

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