All Things Denote There is a God

Presented by: Kami Huntzinger

There is a genuine beauty in science, from the smallest atoms to the largest galaxies. We study science to get to know God, and we greatly enrich our children’s science learning when we approach it from this perspective. Our study can take different forms, but still needs to maintain that vision. We aren’t just memorizing facts; we are studying infinite and amazing miracles. This class explores ideas for teaching science, as well as the vision for why we study science. 


Kami Huntzinger lives in North Logan, Utah, with her husband and five children. She has been homeschooling for over twenty years. Each child has been a different and unique adventure, and that has been one of her favorite things about homeschooling. She and her family love to travel all over the world. They run Bees Brothers, a crazy science experiment that turned into a small honey business, in order to finance their hobbies. Kami has a degree in biology and chemistry and worked in science research before starting her family. She is serving as the LDSHE Youth Conference Director this year.

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