Afraid of Being Judged?

Presented by: Chris Redford

Ever heard those questions and comments about how your child is going to end up antisocial, bullied, and unable to interact with others? Are you tired of it? Take charge! Learn how to let others know how your children are going to be SUPERSTARS and the envy of the community!


Chris was a reluctant / concerned homeschooling father who was “persuaded” to start homeschooling his six children. Now he cannot imagine any greater joy than actively shaping the future of his children and helping them become GREAT!; through homeschooling with the help of his incredible wife Alyson. Chris is an engineering supervisor that works daily at keeping the largest copper producing mine in North America up and running with his team of engineers. His favorite quote: “Faith is not the only thing that moves mountains”.

Chris is a Wildcat that graduated from the University of Arizona in Mechanical Engineering, forever hates Sun Devils (ASU), worked at Caterpillar breaking big toys for a living (2.5 story tall dump trucks), and currently works at Morenci, AZ keeping a 150 year old mine running. He loves to camp, rock climb, being with his family, and working on the honey-do-list that has never been finished in fifteen years of marriage.

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