A Young Man Prepared

Presented by: Tina Nokes, Sherry Veach

LDS boys have been called to serve a unique mission in the world. How do we as homeschooling parents prepare them for those responsibilities, especially if they aren’t really motivated to learn them? Find out how to not only survive homeschooling boys, but love the adventure as they learn, progress, and eventually step into adult responsibilities. You’ll learn how to better understand boys, what makes them tick, and how to tap into their energy. Specific topics will include creating an optimal learning environment, teaching techniques that work with boys, mentoring and motivating boys into adulthood, and preparing boys for college, serving missions, future employment, and stepping into future family roles.


Tina Nokes, a mother of four boys, has homeschooled for nine years. She began homeschooling her oldest son shortly after he entered 9th grade. The others came out of the public school system within the next two years and the whole family began to ride the “great white-knuckler” of homeschooling together. Beginning with the only thing she knew, public school at home, Tina knew there must be a better way. So she began researching curriculums, methodologies, and philosophies to find the best fit for her family. Ten years later she feels that she has a handle on it but continues to keep up on the latest trends and practices. The Nokes live in Virginia.

Sherry Veach is the mother of four children. She and her husband, Jeff, have been homeschooling for seventeen years and have graduated three children from their homeschool. Their oldest son, William, served an honorable mission in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission and graduated from BYU-I with a degree in exercise physiology; their daughter Clarissa graduated from BYU with a major in physics and minors in math and computer science; Matthew completed an honorable mission to Colombia Bogota South and is now at BYU-I majoring in international studies; Joshua is still homeschooled full time. Sherry graduated from BYU with a B.S. in clothing and textiles and was married the next day in the Salt Lake City Temple. The Veach family has lived in New Jersey and Switzerland, and currently resides in North Carolina. Sherry loves to read, travel, knit, quilt, and is learning to bobbin lace when she is not homeschooling.

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