A Storyteller's Approach to Teaching History

Presented by: Jim Weiss

America has been blessed with numerous heroic, extraordinary men and women who are real-life role models for our children. In this workshop, Jim Weiss presents riveting, time-honored, true stories that provide character, history, and life lessons. Jim shows parents ways to make these people come to life in history and language arts lessons as well as how to offer perspective between the times in which they lived and today’s world.


Jim Weiss has been a storyteller for over 30 years and is the recipient of 100+ national awards. Jim’s company, Greathall Productions, is now over 24 years old. Greathall Productions has thus far produced 46+ storytelling recordings with enticing titles from classical literature and history: GA Henty titles; unabridged readings including Howard Pyle’s Men of Iron; Story of the World, and more. Jim travels extensively internationally and throughout the US presenting at homeschool conferences, schools, stores, libraries, community events, and national organizations.

Jim says, “The storytelling recordings work precisely because we value the original sources and have tried to convey our love of the stories to a new generation of listeners and readers. Storytelling today rejuvenates one of the first and most personal forms of entertainment. Telling stories is pure joy.” Jim was born, raised and educated in Highland Park, Illinois and then graduated from the University of Wisconsin. He resides in Charlottesville, Virginia with his wife, Randy; they have one recently married daughter.

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