7 Secrets to Help Kids Think for Themselves

Presented by: Cindy Wiggers

Do you have trouble keeping your students interested in learning? Perhaps it’s time you begin to think outside the box. Leonardo da Vinci approached knowledge from a unique perspective. Discover techniques used by da Vinci that, when implemented, will improve critical thinking and creativity, inspiring your students to want to gain knowledge. Included also in this workshop are ideas from the teachings of Ruth Beechick to develop thinking skills which help create a delight for learning and improve your children’s ability to excel in any area they choose to pursue.


Cindy Wiggers is an author, publisher, and national speaker. She established a family business, Geography Matters, with her husband in 1989. She has a heart to help parents inspire their children with a love for learning. Her workshop presentations are full of practical ideas from true-life experiences gained from homeschooling her three very different children and her intense desire to see homeschool families succeed beyond their hopes and dreams. Her interests include nutrition and fitness, spending time with her grandchildren, and engaging in adventure with friends.

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