Jacob Allred

Jacob Allred met his wife as BYU folk dance partners while working on his undergraduate in non-profit business. They are the parents of eight children

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Linzy Allen

Linzy and her husband have been homeschooling their four boys for seven years. She loves being with her family and learning about and discovering new

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Laura York

At heart, Laura is a sunshine-loving southern Californian. Homeschooling has been an integral part of her family’s culture since 2010. All six of her children

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Sherry Veach

Sherry Veach is the mother of four children. She and her husband, Jeff, have been homeschooling for seventeen years and have graduated three children from

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Jeff Van Komen

Jeff Van Komen loves being part of his children’s education and does so by mentoring them in classes with their homeschool community. His own path

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Lindy Van Komen

Lindy Van Komen loves people and learning about the world. She is a doula and childbirth mentor (complete with a perfectly lovely “zen” voice). Her

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JoAnn Toronto

JoAnn Toronto is the homeschooling mother of five boys, ages six months to fifteen. She has been homeschooling for ten years. She is a military

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Sarah Sands

Sarah Sands grew up in Brigham City, Utah. A year after graduating from Utah State University with a degree in Family and Human Development and

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Kelly Royster

Kelly is a homeschooling mother to five beautiful daughters, three still at home; the oldest is serving a mission in Brazil, while the second is

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Joseph Roberson

Joseph Roberson was born and raised in eastern North Carolina. After finishing high school, he attended BYU for a year before serving a full-time LDS

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Cara Rector

Cara Rector is the mother of five wonderful daughters. She has been guiding the homeschool efforts of her family since 2010, and she herself is

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Damon Rappleyea

Damon L. Rappleyea, Ph.D. is an associate professor and Director for Marriage and Family Therapy Programs at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. His

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Becky Rappleyea

Becky Rappleyea is a homeschool mom of five children. Her homeschool journey began 35 years ago, when her own mother felt inspired to teach her

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John Patterson

John Patterson has attended LDSHE for almost as long as he can remember, tagging along with his parents before he could come to the Youth

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Amy Palmer

Amy Palmer lives in northern Virginia with her husband and three of her children. She attended BYU, where she met her husband and got her

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Anna Palfreyman

Anna Palfreyman began her personal homeschool journey six years ago, while living with her family in Germany. The desire to create a home environment where

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Miki Painchaud

Miki Painchaud began her homeschooling journey as a child in the Democratic Republic of Congo, being taught mostly by her mother and then by teachers

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Christine Owens

Christine Owens has been homeschooling her children for seven years and has been married to her high school sweetheart for 21 years. She believes that

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