Stuart Petty

Stuart Petty is a multimedia professional creator and voice-over artist. He started making YouTube videos when he was twelve years old, started his first internship

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Bill Peavoy

Bill Peavoy and his wife, Kym, have been homeschooling their eight children for over fifteen years. Homeschooled in his own youth, Bill grew up speaking

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James Moore

James is a homeschooling father from St George, Utah. He enjoys hiking, ham radio, model trains, and helping his five children grow into the heroes

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Megan Lovell

Megan Lovell is a second-generation homeschooler with a passion for the gospel, education, and freedom. She attended George Wythe College and Southern Virginia University and

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Dave Johnston

Brother Dave Johnston has been writing an advice blog for LDS teens and young single adults since 2009. “Dear Bro Jo” has been read by

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Kirk Johnson

Kirk and his wife have three girls. They live in Austin, Texas, where he works at Electronic Arts as a Site Reliability Engineer. He is

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Chelsea Johnson

Chelsea and her husband Kirk live near Austin, Texas, with their three kids, two cats, and one dog. Subscribing to the philosophy that children learn

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Kami Huntzinger

Kami Huntzinger lives in North Logan, Utah, with her husband and five children. She has been homeschooling for over twenty years. Each child has been

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Natalie Hunsaker

Natalie’s journey from childhood artist to practical Industrial Design student to jobless graduate didn’t have the ending she thought it would. Thankfully, in what can

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Lisa Hone

After struggling with her own children’s developmental delays, Lisa went to California to learn about a program that has been helping people for decades. This

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Christina Hatch

Christina Hatch is a homeschooling mother of three who has a B.S. in communications from Brigham Young University-Idaho. She is a nature enthusiast who runs

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Stephanie Harris

Stephanie Harris teaches at C7 Ranch Academy in southeastern Idaho. Student enrollment: eight. Together with her husband, CJ, they raise their children on the values

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Katie Hansen

Katie grew up exploring and discovering the woods, ponds, creeks, and fields in the Baltimore, Maryland countryside. After moving west and graduating college in elementary

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Tatiana Fallon

Tatiana has been homeschooled her whole life—well, almost. She told her mom, at age five, that after four months of kindergarten, she would not go

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Sara Erling

Sara Erling has been a TDI (Targeted Developmental Intervention) Specialist for the National Association for Child Development (NACD) for twenty years. She has trained extensively

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Martin Earl

Martin Earl is the Culinary Editor at ThermoWorks, where he maintains a cooking blog and educates people about the ways that controlling temperature can make

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Eli Bowman

Eli Bowman and his wife Abby have been homeschooling their ten-year-old twins and seven-year-old triplets for four years using the Leadership Education philosophy. Eli always

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Andy Anderson

Andy was born and raised in Ventura, California, and muddled through high school with the crowd. His first two years at the local community college

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