Kat Bland

Hi! I’m Katherine “Mrs. Kat” Bland 🙂 I’m a popcorn enthusiast with a love of the ocean and nature. I am a former theatre teacher,

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Jennie Handy

Jennie Handy is a homeschool graduate in her second year of college at BYU-Idaho. She is studying Child Development currently, but is open to wherever

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Preston Rodriguez

After graduating from LDSHE, Preston served a mission in Fukuoka, Japan and is currently attending Southern Virginia University. When he is not studying or working,

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James M. Coburn

James Coburn has been the Demonstration Specialist for the Department of Physics at USU since 2000.  Over the years he has done physics demo shows

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Kim Davis

Kim Davis is a dynamic mentor, presenter, and coach for Life Changing Services’ Eternal Warriors.  Kim pioneered the use of Eternal Warriors principles for families and

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Dan Hunter

Dan Hunter and his wife Janice have been married for forty years and have five children and twelve grandchildren. They have homeschooled since 1993. Dan

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Daniel Garza

Daniel was born in Mexico City, Mexico. His family moved to the U.S. in 1992 to Colorado Springs, Colorado. He started practicing martial arts in

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Mindi Eldredge

Bringing together her degree in education, experience as a professional educator and homeschool mother, and passion as a homeschool curriculum writer, Mindi Eldredge takes an

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LaRee Westover

LaRee Westover, with her husband, have been studying and living various natural medicine modalities for over thirty years.  Her experience includes the use of essential

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Susannah Conrad

Susannah Conrad grew up in California and has lived in and traveled through many states before calling Virginia home. She is the wife to David

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Teresa and Rick Starr

Rick and Teresa love helping families learn how to strengthen their relationships and thrive at life. Studies show that the number one predictor of happiness,

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Jenni Sheffield

Jenni is married to one handsome man and is the momma of five beautiful children. She loves them to the moon and back. After her

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Chris Redford

Chris was a reluctant / concerned homeschooling father who was “persuaded” to start homeschooling his six children. Now he cannot imagine any greater joy than

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