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Spencer Wood and his wife Dana have been homeschooling since 1985. Spencer earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Photography and a minor in Business Marketing before opening a commercial photography studio in Salt Lake City, UT in the early ‘80s. His clients included the local channel 2 news station (where he crafted photographs for TV Guide), Symbian Corp. (maker of the Jarvik7 artificial heart) and the DeLorean Motor Company (snow track division) among many others. After three years in the studio, he accepted a commission in the U.S. Coast Guard where he served for 35 years, retiring in 2009 and moving to Rigby, Idaho in 2010.

Keeping his hand in photography throughout his service in the military by photographing weddings, bridal, senior and family portraits and adventure photography, Spencer has now returned to his true passion…teaching photography at Perfect Light Camera in Idaho Falls.
The Woods have ten children (eight boys and two girls) and seventeen grandchildren, and have graduated eight children from their homeschool.