Sarah Sands

Sarah Sands grew up in Brigham City, Utah. A year after graduating from Utah State University with a degree in Family and Human Development and a minor in Spanish, she moved to Beaverton, Oregon. While in Oregon, she met her husband, Reed, and they started their family. In 2008, they moved to northern Virginia for what they thought would be a two-year tour; it turned out to be a ten-year (and counting) adventure. Sarah is the mother of four children ranging from eight to fourteen. Her homeschooling journey began out of desperation to find a little more balance in a fast-paced life. The Sands family is in their seventh year homeschooling and still struggles to find balance but has tried to embrace the saying “The only thing constant is change.” Every school year has looked a little different for them: some years, everyone is homeschooling; other years, part of the family is in public school. No matter what the combination of schooling looks like for their family, Reed and Sarah are grateful for the opportunity to grow and learn with their children and feel it a blessing to have the Lord’s guidance in this wild journey of raising and educating children.

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