Misty Foxley

Misty Foxley had never thought about homeschooling her young son, but her husband Derek investigated the subject and became convinced that they could offer their children both a better education and a more desirable family lifestyle at home. At first reluctant, Misty gradually began to comprehend the advantages and jumped fully on board shortly after their first son entered school. As their family grew to include six children, she proceeded like many others before her and beside her - with faith and self-study - working to educate both her children and herself in the process. Over the years, they have homeschooled on four different continents and have successfully graduated five of their children, all of whom have gone on to colleges and universities; their youngest teen will soon follow. The Foxleys work together to make positive contributions in both church and community, as well as offering support and service to LDSHE. Misty was one of the founders of LDSHE (then called Latter-day Saint Eastern Home Educators), and has served tirelessly over ten years in a variety of positions, including President, Chairman, and IT Director, to bring to pass the vision she has held of the conference and the Audio Library supporting, uplifting and inspiring fellow Latter-day Saint homeschoolers anywhere in the world, anytime they need it.