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Karen Skidmore Rackliffe was born in San Diego, California, where she spent half her life before making Salt Lake City her home. She has been married to William for 28 years, and is the mother to seven children. In 1978, Karen received an associate of arts degree from BYU, with a minor in Sociology. Years later, just after the birth of her fifth child, she completed her Bachelor of Independent Studies degree, also from BYU. Karen has been homeschooling for 25 years and is a founding mother of Salt Lake Home Educators. As the author of Wild Days: Creating Discovery Journals, Recipes for Writing and Hearts of the Children, Karen is a popular convention and workshop speaker, inspiring audiences across six states. She has also been helping fellow homeschoolers for several years as a Charlotte Mason support group leader. After one of Karen’s art history courses, an enthusiastic child gave her the ultimate compliment: “Thank you, Miss Karen! You made me an even better artist than I already am!”