Jennie Jones

Youth Conference Director

Jennie Jones has always loved learning but often felt restricted in the expectation of being what everyone else was. She earned a degree in Legal Administration from LDS Business college and planned to continue on to law school in the hope of changing how the education system worked. However, life had a few twists and turns and with six children ranging in age from 3 to 15 she left the idea of law school behind and jumped into homeschooling. This brought new challenges and opportunities with the ability to learn what she needed and wanted while teaching her children. Homeschooling also gave her the best and unexpected benefit of strengthening relationships in her family.

Jennie loves to serve and has been involved with many community organizations, including Secretary to the Board of Directors for Washington County Gleaning, Special Olympics, Packages for Patriots, Boy Scouts of America, and in many capacities for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. A friend introduced Jennie to Latter-day Saint Home Educataors (LDSHE), and when she attended in 2006 she felt she had come to a family reunion. Jennie has served in a few areas with LDSHE and has been the Youth Conference Director and Vice President of the Board of Directors for six years.