Dee Dee Parker

Dee Dee Parker is mom of two girls, and has four additional children who are very near and dear to her because she and her husband had custody of them for sixteen months. She served as children's ministry leader for several years at her church and has volunteered in her local school system as a tutor. This year she decided to take the ELL position at her local elementary and middle school in her area.

Dee Dee has been helping moms share their heart with their children in fun, creative, simple ways for two decades. She truly has a heart for children and busy moms. Children make her happy. Making memories makes her happy and giving kids tangible things to keep their memories close to their heart as they grow up is truly a passion. She wants to help others do it in a way that blesses them and doesn't stress them.  She provides education, systems, and tools to help families quickly and simply celebrate kids with words, photos, audio interviews, and stories. Her interactive workshops and coaching programs are used to make a difference for children and families. In addition, she teaches the importance of how to simply share digital files, keeping the child's photos (digital footprint) and privacy in mind.

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