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Alison Moore Smith was born in Provo, Utah, in 1964, and handed over to her real, loving parents two days later in the Skaggs parking lot. (Is this what we call a blue light special?) In 1985 she married her dream man, Dr. Samuel McArthur Smith, in the Salt Lake Temple. She graduated from BYU in 1987, three weeks after her first child was born. She is now in her fourteenth year of homeschooling her six children. Her oldest daughter is a junior at BYU (on academic scholarship) and her youngest is four. Alison ran (using the term loosely) the Top of Utah Marathon to celebrate her 40th year on earth in 2004 and directed an awesome homeschool, teen, swing choir called SwingShift. She also serves as the CFO of Adept Systems Inc, owner of, and creator of