New LDSHE Library

Exciting news! On October 15, we are launching our new online support pages: the LDSHE Library.

Our team has been hard at work and we’re excited to give you a sneak peak. Here are a few things to look forward to in the LDSHE Library.

New! LDSHE Memberships

We are excited to offer memberships which bundle Audio Library subscriptions with other benefits. A membership lasts a whole year and allows you to access our entire audio library for streaming PLUS unlimited free downloads. Listen to inspirational homeschool experts in the car, at home, or where ever you go. You will also receive conference-related perks such as:

  • Extended early-bird conference registration
  • Early access to limited enrollment classes
  • Early access to lodging
  • Other potential benefits will be announced when  the information is available

Shareable Quote Graphics (coming October 15th)

A collection of beautiful quote graphics for sharing in your social media, or print them out to uplift your family and friends


Our old Article Library written by our Mentor Moms, homeschool graduates, and other homeschool experts is now updated to our new blog. We have articles specifically for youth and for parents on a variety of subjects.

If you think all that is great, just wait, there is more to come. We can’t wait until October 15 when everything launches.