When asked what she does, Angela Baker responds enthusiastically, “I do people!” She sees genius and beauty in every person and passionately believes that education should be about discovering and growing that genius. This life-long passion led her... Read More
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Brother Richards grew up attending the Mountain View Baptist Church in San Diego before missionaries baptized him and his mom. During his mission, he lived in huts, ate spiders, and used machetes (ma-shed-ees) while living in the jungles of Honduras... Read More
Speaker Website(s): Stacey Lytle
Stacey is a passionate educator, speaker and award-winning author.  Her books include a life-changing Christmas tale, entitled The Glitter Keeper, along with three books she has written regarding education: Insanely-Inspiring Writing Prompts for... Read More
Wendy Bird is the founder of Pearls with Purpose Foundation, a social-impact organization. This unique training organization blends micro-enterprising with humanitarian assistance. Since 2002, Wendy has inspired and motivated people all over the... Read More
Michelle Corbin has worked as a Teacher/Educator, Tutor, Certified Reading Specialist, Trainer, Pre-school Owner, Business Owner & Stake Youth Leader. Michelle timidly started her homeschooling adventure with her own five kids, ages 3-11 at the... Read More
Greg is a youth hero and mentor who has more than twenty years of experience in personal development and peak performance coaching with adolescents and families. Greg helps teens to take the hero’s journey and live an epic life. He supports parents... Read More
David Eggertsen is devoted to helping others build united and free families who have wealth, education, preparedness, happiness, and who strengthen their communities. As a lifelong learner, he has a broad range of knowledge in many different areas... Read More
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Lynnelle currently lives in Idaho with her husband and eight children and has enjoyed the Adventure of a Lifetime for the last 24 years. The homeschooling chapter of their Adventure began for her family sixteen years ago when they were living in... Read More
Growing up as a homeschooler gave many opportunities for Mate King to reach out and excel in varied fields. Chief among those were a focus on teaching others and being a leadership mentor. His greatest learning experience was as the commander of a... Read More
David Rees holds a General Science Degree from SUU and has been teaching science for nine years, eight at Williamsburg Learning. He has nearly been blown up in far too many classes to count and will be advising students on ill-advised experiments... Read More
Emily Satterthwaite is a wife to Jonathan and mother of six. She has been homeschooling for thirteen years and sees it as a huge blessing that has significantly altered the shape her life. She is a dreamer and gatherer who has started many groups... Read More
Tasha loves people, sports, having a great time, working hard, progressing, camping, hiking, learning, animals (horses, dogs, ducks, cows and pigs), movies, laughing, music, books, self-defense (Krav Maga), coaching swim and volleyball teams,... Read More
Susan was born in Montana, grew up in California, went to college in Utah, worked in Washington DC, then moved to San Diego to get a Masters degree in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling. That's where she met her husband who moved her to Arizona... Read More
Sterling Willford has a life filled with serving youth. Aside from his work as a professional educator, Sterling works as a scout camp director in southeast Idaho during the summers and as a speech and debate coach in the winter. When it’s time for... Read More
Shiloh and Ryan love people and they love teaching people to dance! They have hosted dozens of fun and uplifting dances for youth in northern Utah. Basically, they know how to have a good time! They enjoy spending time homeschooling, dancing around... Read More
Spencer Wood and his wife Dana have been homeschooling since 1985. Spencer earned a bachelor’s degree in fine art photography and a minor in business marketing before opening a commercial photography studio in Salt Lake City in the early 1980s. His... Read More