Speaker Website(s): Stacey Lytle
Stacey is a passionate educator, speaker and award-winning author.  Her books include a life-changing Christmas tale, entitled The Glitter Keeper, along with three books she has written regarding education: Insanely-Inspiring Writing Prompts for... Read More
Dana has always enjoyed teaching. In high school she had the opportunity to be a student teacher, but found the experience frustrating as she was constantly told “you can’t do that in a public classroom- there are too many kids.” After that... Read More
Tiffany Blanch has a degree in elementary education with a minor in music from Brigham Young University and taught for five years in both public and charter schools in the greater Salt Lake City area. Following in the footsteps of her mother and... Read More
Having now been married for 22 years to her husband Adam, and four wonderful children later, Wendy will tell you the best decision they made was to bring their children home. She has been teaching her children at home since 2010. They are happy... Read More
Reece and Donna have six kids. They have lived in five different places. Between them, they hold four college degrees (three for Reece, one for Donna). They have homeschooled in three different states. With two decades of marriage experience, they... Read More
Alyson grew up in the small town of Payson, Utah. She was homeschooled sixth and seventh grade and loved it. She started homeschooling when she and her husband adopted six children in four years. Some of them had missed a lot of school and were very... Read More