Speaker Website(s): Millenial Standard Press
Ali Cannon Eisenach is the great-great-great granddaughter of George Q. Cannon and is passionate about carrying on his vision for education in Zion. Ali has been homeschooling her children for the last ten years and is currently teaching the senior... Read More
Melissa and her husband Shawn are the happy parents of five children. They began homeschooling many years ago when their oldest two were in the first and second grades. Melissa never dreamed of homeschooling and thought it was the craziest thing she... Read More
Jodi Chaffee is the creator of The Home & Family Culture Podcast, which discusses how families can discover and design the vision, values, habits, and traditions that shape family culture. She and her husband homeschool their four little ones in... Read More
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Jennifer views homeschooling as her life's mission, and she's been loving it for twenty-five years now. She believes that raising righteous, intelligent, freedom-loving children--and helping others do the same--is a powerful way of contributing to... Read More
Amy Palmer lives in northern Virginia with her husband and three of her children. She attended BYU, where she met her husband and got her BS degree in civil engineering. She worked with a small engineering firm until her first child was born. She... Read More
Louisa Wells is the mother of seven (soon to be eight) children. She and her husband, Patrick, have been homeschooling for ten years- beginning after an unimpressive parent meeting at the local elementary school prior to their oldest daughter... Read More