Speaker Website(s): Clemens Is Twain
Ryan Clemens is a pretty fun guy.  He's also an actor, director, playwright, teacher, and Mark Twain enthusiast.  As Virginia Stage Company's Resident Theatre Artist, he has performed both on the mainstage and in a variety of touring shows, classes... Read More
David Softley is an award-winning director and speaker, a banker and most importantly a homeschooling father of seven who is very excited to be at LDSHE. He draws upon a wide array of experiences that span multiple industries and zany family... Read More
Kari Brimhall is the mom of five fabulous kids. Four of the five are in college. She graduated from Brigham Young University in education with an emphasis in teaching the gifted and talented. She loves to create in the kitchen, teach classes, write... Read More
Speaker Website(s):
Javier is a personal defense instructor with more than thirty years of practicing and teaching personal defense. He is currently 6th Dan in Tae Kwon Do; 5th Dan in Kickboxing; 5th Teacher in Tang Soo Do; 4th Dan in Shotokan and Shito Ryu Karate; 4th... Read More
Suzette Conrad is a proud homeschool graduate who plans to also homeschool her future children. She currently is working on a business degree online, works as a florist, and is her ward chorister. Her hobbies include crafting, reading, blogging,... Read More
David Conrad has been blessing the greater DC area with his IT skills since the the late '90s. He is a life-long scouter and currently helps out two separate troops as both scoutmaster and cubmaster. To finish off the scouting trifecta, he also... Read More
Dennis is the proud husband of LeeAnn Earl and the father of eleven amazing children. He loves endurance sports, hiking, farming, weight lifting, reading, movies, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He joined the Church on December 6, 1992, while... Read More
Speaker Website(s): Peaceful Valley Maps
David Glassett is a cartographer. He makes maps. (Sometimes he has to clarify what his profession means. He doesn’t photograph cars.) His life outside of maps revolves around his wife and six children. They keep him happy and busy. He loves... Read More
As a child, Nathan Gray discovered two of his greatest interests: creative writing and computer programming. He also discovered some of his minor interests, such as drawing, sustainable architecture, sustainable energy, and audio synthesis. He has... Read More
Stacy was raised in northern Utah and has had a passion for counseling since her junior year in high school. She earned her bachelor's degree at Weber State University before moving to Virginia with her husband, where she completed a master's in... Read More
George Layton is a professional photographer, fisherman, husband, father, scouter and all around good guy. When George tired of taking photographs while hanging from one leg off of helicopters, he decided to explore his other passion of fishing. He... Read More
Sia was born and raised in Apia Samoa and served a church mission in Samoa. She has worked in the healthcare field as a massage therapist and PT aide, in the hospitality and entertainment field as administrative assistant at Turtle Bay Resort, as a... Read More
Ruben, the oldest of five children, is from Mexico City, Mexico. He came to the United States in 1992, but went back to Mexico to live shortly after that. After receiving a job offer, he came back to the Unites States and has lived here ever since.... Read More