Speaker Website(s): Brave Writer
Julie Bogart is the creator and owner of Brave Writer, an online writing and language arts program. She has five kids and homeschooled for seventeen years. Her credentials include ghostwriting, freelance writing (such as a weekly column for UPI),... Read More
Speaker Website(s): Clemens Is Twain
Ryan Clemens is a pretty fun guy.  He's also an actor, director, playwright, teacher, and Mark Twain enthusiast.  As Virginia Stage Company's Resident Theatre Artist, he has performed both on the mainstage and in a variety of touring shows, classes... Read More
Author, Educator, Homeschool Mom
Speaker Website(s): Susan Wise Bauer
Susan Wise Bauer was educated at home by pioneering parents back when home education was still unheard of.  She is the author of The Well-Educated Mind: A Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had, and co-author, with her mother Jessie Wise, of... Read More
Speaker Website(s): Justin Young
As an author, speaker, and entertainer with 25 years of professional experience in the entertainment, media, and creative arts industry, Justin has lent his voice as an announcer/actor to companies such as ESPN, Liberty Tax, Blue Cross/Blue Shield,... Read More
Mark started his first company at the age of seventeen to fund his missionary service in Japan. Following his mission, he attended BYU and taught at the MTC. During summer break, while back in his home-state of Oregon, he met his eternal companion,... Read More
Scott was born in Portland, Oregon and raised in Kenai, Alaska.  He joined the church when he was nineteen and served a mission a year later in Dallas, Texas.  Scott married his wife Gail in the Salt Lake Temple and they have four sons.  Scott... Read More
Dick Cheatham is a historian, speaker, leadership consultant and direct descendant of Pocahontas and John Rolfe, fourteen generations later. A graduate of the Virginia Military Institute and a former journalist, he revives important lessons from... Read More
Derek will graduate from BYU with a degree in Applied Math. He was recently hired to work for the coolest company in the world. His curiosity gets him into all kinds of trouble because he loves trying a little bit of every subject. In college, he... Read More
Speaker Website(s): BYU Independent Study
Joseph Roberson was born and raised in eastern North Carolina. After finishing high school, he attended BYU for a year before serving a full-time LDS Church in southern Italy. Upon returning home from his mission, he continued his studies and... Read More
David Softley is an award-winning director and speaker, a banker and most importantly a homeschooling father of seven who is very excited to be at LDSHE. He draws upon a wide array of experiences that span multiple industries and zany family... Read More
Speaker Website(s):
Pamela Romney Openshaw, an avid student of the Constitution, developed her love of government and citizen involvement as an elected delegate from Nebraska to President Jimmy Carter’s White House Conference on Families in 1980. She is an avid reader... Read More
Mark and Bridgette reside in Georgetown, Kentucky, and both are graduates of Eastern Kentucky University, where he majored in business and she in psychology. Though they had no previous intentions, they began the homeschool journey with their two... Read More
Wendy is a mother of three with twenty-one years of homeschooling experience. She is passionate about homeschooling and feels it is part of her mission to help others in their homeschooling journey. Her two sons were both accepted to BYU. One is... Read More
Speaker Website(s): Thomas Blackwell
Thomas’s greatest accomplishment thus far is marrying the right person in the right place for time and all eternity. Thomas and Kimberly have four beautiful girls. His second greatest accomplishment is serving a full time LDS mission to Cali,... Read More
Kim is a Daughter of God and is grateful for this eternal truth. She has been married to her high school crush for seventeen-and-a-half years and is mother to four beautiful daughters, who are her greatest joys in life. She has homeschooled her... Read More
Speaker Website(s): Peaceful Valley Maps
David Glassett is a cartographer. He makes maps. (Sometimes he has to clarify what his profession means. He doesn’t photograph cars.) His life outside of maps revolves around his wife and six children. They keep him happy and busy. He loves... Read More
Ryan Howells lives in Cumming, GA with his beautiful and talented wife Alison, four stinky boys, and one wonderful girl. His ultimate goals are to one day be in a boy band (after he learns how to carry a tune) and write the next great Deseret Book... Read More
Sarah Kay graduates from the graphic design program at BYU with honors this June. She'll start work in a few months using her data visualization and user experience skills. While in college she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Now... Read More
Dustin Palmer lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and four children. He attended public high school in Utah and received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from BYU and a juris doctor from the University of Chicago—with the most important subject... Read More
Kelly is a homeschooling mother to five beautiful daughters, ages four to eighteen. She has homeschooled from the beginning and loves learning alongside her children while she tries to provide them with the kind of education she wishes she had had.... Read More
Rachel Spigarelli homeschools her six children that range in age from preschool to high school with a focus on small, consistent habits that foster steady progress. She especially likes projects that allow freedom and field trips that deepen... Read More