History and Your Place in It

By Seth Saunders History is important and researching history is fun! Each person has a unique story to tell and can discover more about where they come from. You can get answers to questions about yourself. Where did you get your blue eyes? Why do you love music? By placing yourself in a historical timeline, … Read more History and Your Place in It

Six Poems You Can Write

From Penny Gardner’s “Beautiful Works” class given at the 2015 youth conference. Listen the whole recorded class here in our audio library. Here are six different poems you can learn to write today. 1. Cinquain Five short, non-rhyming lines: A one-word title Two descriptive words Three action words Four feeling words A word or two … Read more Six Poems You Can Write

Living the Hero’s Journey

By John Patterson Something that I really enjoy is reading and writing, and I’ve thought a lot about what goes into making a good book, and I guess in a way, what goes into making a good life. The Hero’s Journey For one thing I’m going to reference a pretty famous diagram that dissects just … Read more Living the Hero’s Journey

34 Things Youth Can Do During General Conference

By Suzette Conrad General Conference is just around the corner and I for one am so excited. With how long sessions are it’s easy for you or your ears to fall asleep. But going into conference with a purpose can help you listen and get more out of it. Here are some ideas specifically for youth … Read more 34 Things Youth Can Do During General Conference

Lead Like an Avenger

By John Patterson Here’s the thing: lots of people think that all great leaders are born that way. A lot of people who are kind of born on the awkward side just eventually resign themselves to their fate of always being awkward. Don’t do that to yourself! You can lead! Obviously that means that some … Read more Lead Like an Avenger