6 More Be's

6 More Be's

2006, SVU

President Hinckley has given us six Be's; we have six more for homeschoolers:
1. Be wise - smart is good but it's not enough; you don't want to become a "clever devil."
2. Be asking - Joseph Smith received many revelations in answer to questions he asked; you want to learn by having worthy mentors.
3. Be sheep - Jesus wants you for a sunbeam, then a sheep, then a shepherd, and finally a friend.
4. Be quick to obey - "You gonna mind somebody," the lady said; "let it be Mama or it will be 'the law' ".
5. Be healthy - The Lord asked you to take good care of your body; be quick to obey.
6. Be yourself - Do your own thing - not the "thing" the world tells you, but the "thing" or things you covenanted to do before you came here.



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