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With over 1000 classes by education experts, professional speakers, and mentor moms and dads, the LDSHE Audio Library provides a dose of inspiration, encouragement, and real-life answers to your most pressing questions. Presentations for youth and adults from over a dozen years of conferences make up a unique resource to strengthen your homeschool.

Recordings are available for purchase and download. Audio Library subscriptions allow you to stream any recording on the website, and if you find a class you simply must own, the download price is discounted for subscribers.  

For the gold-standard experience, become an LDSHE Member and download any class for free for listening on the go!

Use the Browse function to locate a class you’re interested in, listen to the preview and download the handouts and visuals from the class pages (as available). Then click Full Stream when you’re ready to be inspired!

Featured Classes: Learning Differences

If you’re just beginning to homeschool, we can help! Our presenters have many years of experience in navigating the challenges: choosing a philosophy and curriculum, setting up your home and structuring your day, answering questions from curious friends and family members, and much more. You’ve come to the right place for help!

Youth need encouragement to make the most of their homeschool days. Our speaker line-ups at the LDSHE Youth Education Conferences have included some of the best youth mentors out there. Click here to learn more.

What do you need to know? Our homeschool conferences have had classes on every topic under the sun, so begin searching and you’ll be sure to find resources to fit your needs.

High school is when many parents choose to stop homeschooling, but these final few years with your child are precious. Homeschooling is do-able and enjoyable with the right tools and guidance. These Audio Library classes and full seminars can show you how.

Fathers sometimes feel left out of the homeschool journey, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  The many great homeschool dad presenters at LDSHE can help them know how to help.

LDSHE doesn’t endorse any one educational philosophy: we’ve had presenters and experts teach classes on all of them! Here you’ll find classes on how to create a homeschool based on the philosophies of Charlotte Mason, Maria Montessori, Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf), John Holt (Unschooling), Dorothy Sayers (Classical), and more.

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