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Subscriptions and Memberships

Why should I have an LDSHE Audio Library Subscription?

An LDSHE Audio Library subscription works just like a library card. As long as your subscription is active, you can access our class recordings any time through the LDSHE website – more than 1,000 of them!

With recordings from annual conferences since 2005, you can listen to classes on nearly every homeschool-related topic. This resource is unique in the world of homeschooling!

What is an LDSHE Membership?

An LDSHE Memberships includes a full-year subscription to the Audio Library for streaming, PLUS free unlimited downloads for listening on the go without using your mobile data. There will also be conference-related benefits including:

  • 10% off your registration for any 2020 LDSHE Adult Conference event (because our 2020 conferences were cancelled, we’re offering the 2020 members a discount in 2021) 
  • Extended early-bird conference registration
  • Early access to limited enrollment classes
  • Early access to lodging 

Monthly Subscription

$ 7
Audio Library Subscription
  • Stream Audio
  • Download Class Handouts & PowerPoints
  • Low introductory price
  • Cancel any time

One Year Membership

$ 55 Full Membership benefits like:
  • Stream Audio
  • Unlimited Class Downloads
  • Download Class Handouts and PowerPoints
  • Automatic Renewal only after email notification
  • Cancel Any Time