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How do you win friends and get along with companions? What is body language? Can you really "read" someone? Find the answers to these questions as you enjoy some of the 2017 West Youth Friendship Seminar classes.
How are YOU doing? Feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything on your plate? Are you tired and frustrated? YOU are NOT alone! In this collection you can lean on and learn from those who have traveled this road before us and lived to tell about it.
As busy homeschool moms, it's easy to get caught up in the details of managing our homes and directing our children's education. If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the little things, this is the collection for you.
Take a closer look at the fascinating realm of numbers. Math can be found in science, history, music, and even art! In this set of recordings, you and your youth can play with puzzles, ponder infinity, and start thinking like a mathematician.
Do you want some creativity sparks for how to incorporate fun and learning in the same activity? Here are four ways to be inspired as you head off to play!
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Highlights from 2017-West Home Education Conference