2021 LDSHE Virtual Conference Schedule

Please note that all times listed are for Eastern Daylight Time.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Zoom Room 1

Disappointed that the live event was canceled and she couldn’t spend Wednesday sharing tools for principle-centered living and teaching, Audrey has chosen to do the next best thing—a two part series focused on doctrine, first principles and principles. In part 1 of this series, she’ll introduce you to the centuries old concept of first principles, what they are, how they align with doctrines and why they play such a critical role in our everyday lives. She’ll also share tools for discovering and better living according to true doctrines and first principles—infusing your home with the critical “whys” for gospel learning and living.

The second in a two-part series, this workshop dives deep into the familiar but little-understood concept of principles. Here, Audrey will share with you the definition, nature and characteristics of true principles. She’ll also show you how they help us navigate life with great confidence and success. Audrey will then give you tools for better identifying principles, especially in scripture, and using that knowledge to chart a clearer path to righteous living and long-term peace.

No other place provides the complete package quite like Utah State University: top-notch academics, nationally recognized research, Division I athletics, and more than 200 student clubs and events, all on the oldest residential campus in the state.

USU has the second oldest undergraduate research program in the nation, and over 75% of students participate in fieldwork or internships by their senior year. Our goal is to ensure students become experts in their field by reinforcing what they learn in the classroom through hands-on experience and application.

Come learn about student life, our traditions since our founding in 1888, majors and programs, scholarship options, admissions and what it means to be an Aggie.

After either taking a nature walk class and collecting some bits of nature (or photos), or bringing some nature pictures from home, we’ll take some time to look closely and record what we see. This will be a hands-on class where we learn observational drawing skills and simple ways to watercolor your drawings that are family-friendly and portable. Be sure to have your watercoloring supplies ready.

Virtual tour of the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center.

Fear, worry, and anxiety can creep into our minds. Come to learn gospel principles about how to combat negative thinking and to better obey the Savior’s command to “Fear Not” in this positive and happy message.

Zoom Room 2

In the October 2020 General Conference, Elder Bednar quoted Elder Holland saying, “We are witnessing an ever greater movement toward polarity. The middle-ground options will be removed from us as Latter-day Saints. The middle of the road will be withdrawn. If you are treading water in the current of a river, you will go somewhere. You simply will go wherever the current takes you. Going with the stream, following the tide, drifting in the current will not do. Choices have to be made. Not making a choice is a choice. Learn to choose now” (We Will Prove Them Herewith).

Jonathan G. Sandberg spoke these powerful words in addressing the student of BYU saying, “We have to develop the courage to live counter to the world’s dominant culture. You know what I am talking about—the culture in which money, sex, material possessions, fame, violent behavior, and carnal exploits are the currency for success. We live in a world in which appearance and approval are the keys to social status and power. In order to find healing, we have to develop the courage to say no to this dominant culture…we have to develop the courage to avoid the culture that says there is only one acceptable way (i.e. a specific size, hair color, or ACT score) to be a good person or even a good Christian. There are many, many ways to be a righteous, positive influence in the world. If enough of us say no to the dominant culture, it will lose its power” (Healing = Courage + Action + Grace, January 21, 2014).

So, how do you reject the dominant culture? How do you create an environment that supports your family’s needs without shame or power struggles? How do you get ahead of problems before they arise instead of living from crisis to crisis? In this class, Jodi will be discussing how to break up with dysfunctional narratives and false beliefs while forming a family culture with intention and faith.

We all have our own reasons why our path has led to homeschooling. What is your “why?” In this class, we will talk about the importance of establishing a why, using it to map your path, addressing your fears, and how your ‘why’ will stand as your motivation to keep going, even when the trail gets rough. Gather magazines, pictures, glue, scissors, poster board to make a vision board of things that inspire YOU to homeschool.

Educational games or games that are educational? The former lends itself to games that are made to specifically teach a subject in a game manner, which can cause a loss of enjoyment in its topic. The latter describes games where knowledge and skills gained can be direct or may be more surreptitious. Using board and card games to teach can:

  • create skills
  • teach new information
  • solidify facts already studied
  • or encourage further study into places and things unknown.

Games can also teach social skills such as:

  • negotiation
  • how to lose
  • and how to express oneself through communication.

This class will teach how games can be used as tools in a homeschool program in varied curricula areas including: Language Arts, Science, History, Geography, and others. Through discussion, participants will learn of games that are more recent additions to the gaming world, but that have great applications for homeschool. There will also be a list of resources for where to find games for a child’s age level, and some suggested games along with how they can have an impact on studies. Be ready to spread your Wingspan, Scrabble your way to new worlds, work together to squelch a Pandemic of boredom, and find the 7 Wonders that will bring Dominion to your fun and open your eyes to a Bonanza of games.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Zoom Room 1

Please note that there is a different Zoom link for this class only.

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to meet with other homeschooling parents who are facing the unique opportunity and challenge of educating a child or children with special needs. This open-discussion class will give all who attend a chance to share and learn with each other. Class will not be recorded

What do you think of when you hear the words: “public library?” Perhaps you think of an old, crumbly building; rows upon rows of dusty books; or the dreaded overdue fines that are still haunting you. Did you know that public libraries have much more to offer than a physical space to house books? Come find out what’s happening within and without the walls of the public libraries today.

Based on one of her favorite summer camps, Kari will share activities you can do with kids that are in and out of boxes. Boxes in your curriculum: for reading – a “shelf for myself”, a sun oven for science, history on the walls of a box, mailboxes that move with you, make your own art museum, drama and role-playing with BIG boxes, building a city with small boxes, lots of game ideas, and even a boat that floats! A simple box can become just about anything with a child’s imagination.

Zoom Room 2

When teaching history (and particularly units on propaganda), how do you avoid inadvertently teaching a stereotype? In this workshop, discuss why it is essential to provide students with a multi-faceted view of people and events. Gain strategies that invite your children to seek multiple perspectives in history and challenge stereotypes.

Stress, Anxiety, and Depression are a natural part of adolescent development, but adolescents and caretakers often struggle with how to effectively manage these feelings, how to determine which treatment strategies and services to use, and when to worry and seek immediate support. This workshop will address these concerns, offer concrete examples of how to support adolescents in managing everyday stress and anxiety and find treatment. There will be time for questions and discussion as a group.

The classics share profound insights into the soul: Purpose, Passion, Happiness, The Good. But aren’t classics really hard to understand?
Sometimes the idea of picking up a great “classic” is terrifying and daunting. As with learning how to ride a bike, sometimes what is needed is for someone to run alongside you for a time so that you realize it’s not as scary as we make it out to be. Come have a ton of fun reading and discussing a great classic!

“Every art and every inquiry, and likewise every action and choice, seems to aim at some good, and hence it has been beautifully said that the good is that act which all things aim.”
-Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle