FRIDAY MAY 22, 2020

Please join us for our first ever LDSHE Virtual Graduation starring your 2020 Seniors on Friday May 22nd! This graduation will be a pre-recorded video that will be posted to our LDSHE YouTube channel.

This is for Seniors who attend both LDSHE-East and -West.

To be included in the video, please submit up to 12 pictures or an up to 45 second video highlighting your graduate. (Please don’t include copyrighted/commercial music since YouTube will delete it. And please rename your pictures with the number and your name in the order you want them shown: 1JohnDoe, 2JohnDoe, etc.) 

Video submissions and pictures must be received no later than May 7th (extended to May 15th) .

Please upload pictures or videos to Google Drive, then share the link to Susannah Conrad at
[email protected]

If you have any questions, need help transferring files, or need a different method, please contact Susannah Conrad at [email protected]

Some ideas that could be included in your video to get started:

  • Pictures of the graduate through the years
  • Playing or singing a song
  • Playing a sport
  • A monologue
  • Reading a poem
  • Receiving their diploma
  • Photos they’ve taken

Videos may be edited for timing and content.

Messages from the 2020 East Youth Conference Team

The 2020 East YCT