Dads & Kids (Daytime)

Activities for Dads & Kids

We've planned some fun activities around Virginia Beach for LDSHE dads & kids. It's not only a great way to spend time with Dad, but it's also a relaxed and natural way to meet other LDSHE dads and kids.

Dads and their kids can participate in as many or few activities as they wish.  All activities are generally close to the conference and are offered at a low or even free cost.

In order for us to reserve enough space, we need you to take a couple of minutes to please fill out this simple form and let us know you plan to participate.

Dads & Kids Sign Up Webform

dads and kids

Wednesday, May 21

Norfolk Navy Shipyards Tour

kickballStart out the day by checking in with the Men in Charge (Brad & Scott) at the LDSHE check-in table.  They'll have all the where/when/what details you'll need.

No stay at the Virginia Beach area is complete without a visit to one of the world's largest shipyards. It's hard to say who will be more excited to see the magnificent ships, carriers, and submarines - the dads or the kids.  We will be touring one and possibly two active naval ships!  


Thursday, May 22

Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center


At the Virginia Aquarium we'll see seals, touch stingrays, watch otters, possibly stand above tiger sharks, and observe a Komodo dragon! The 300,000 gallon tank full of aquatic life is the main attraction, but you'll want to see the aviary or the nature trails, too.

"The aquarium was a wonderful place for our family. We were impressed with the expansiveness of the exhibits and the variety of animals. GREAT place to spend most of a day for sure!"


Friday, May 23

Kids' Activities (While Dads go to Dads' Classes)

kids playce

Friday is a little more low key and relaxed. In the morning dads can partner up with other dads and trade watching each other's kids together while they catch a "Dads Class" with their wives in the LDSHE Conference.

Later that afternoon we'll head out to enjoy all the beach has to offer!  Beach games, body surfing, and castle building.  We'll play the afternoon away with all the new friends we've made at the conference, then our wives can come to the rescue before the kids totally bury us!